Samantha Brick & The Beauty Myth

by Golda Poretsky, H.H.C. on April 16, 2012

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This week’s post is a little short because I broke my darn wrist and the combo of typing with one hand and potentially nodding out from percoset is making blog writing a highly undesirable activity.

But I just had to weigh in on the Samantha Brick story from a bit of a different perspective.

samantha brick

Samantha Brick (courtesy of the Daily Mail)

If you haven’t heard of Samantha Brick yet, you are a lucky, lucky person and I feel really bad about potentially ruining your day.  Ms. Brick recently wrote a bizarre article for the Daily Mail in which she shared why being attractive is really so terribly awful.  To summarize, you get a lot of free stuff from dudes but women hate your guts for it.  As you can imagine, much Internet ire was raised by this supposition, so she issued another article about what she termed a “witch hunt.”

Even though I can’t quite figure out why Ms. Brick chose to write these pieces, I feel like she’s articulating a worldview that we’re all sold everyday.  If we’re to believe the media, the most important thing for a woman is to retain the male gaze for as long as possible so that we can acquire wealth, baubles, status, and more male interest. And because there’s only so much male gaze to go around, we’re going to have to fight other women for it, hence, not so pretty women are supposed to hate the pretty ones for taking up more precious male interest.

beauty is abundant
Of course, this belief is deeply patriarchal, but it’s also deeply antithetical to divine feminine principles, particularly the principle of abundance.  When you connect with the principle of abundance, you begin to see the beauty in everyone.  That feeling of scarcity lessens, and you connect with the feelings of hope and possibility.  And you understand that the struggle is not for something seen as scarce, like male interest or whatever.  The struggle is bringing more of the divine feminine back into our lives so that we see the true nature of our abundant selves.

In other, potentially less fluffy words, feeling beautiful and attractive is totally wonderful, but assuming that you’re one of the few lucky ones and everyone hates you for it is just b.s.

Okay, the percoset is seriously setting in.  Luckily, we can talk about divine feminine principles a lot more in my upcoming free teleclass, where I will explain this all more clearly.

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Jen April 17, 2012 at 11:14 am

You know, as funny as I think the article is…I do know that there are a lot of women who succumb to that “beauty is an easy life” fantasy. It’s like Kate Harding and the Fantasy of Being Thin but it’s a broader self-hate other-worship that is SO much more inclusive! I’m sure if she’s really that darn attractive, some women DO think she has an easier life. People have told me I must have an easier life because my children are all girls, because I have a kind partner, because I live in a house in the suburbs, because I’m white, because I’m funny, because I’m smart, and because I’m well-spoken.

This sounds like someone trying to explain privilege who doesn’t understand what privilege is. Beauty is privilege just like being white is. Different kinds of privilege present differently and talking about them appropriately is difficult even if you have the vocabulary to do so.

But I neither feel sorry for her or feel a particular urge to mock her. I see where she is coming from and think that this could have been an interesting piece if they’d interviewed a psychologist or sociologist or other -ologist.


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