Why I Can Change The Way You Feel About Your Body Forever

Golda’s mission is to empower plus sized women to live their best, most joyful lives, free of stress and shame over what they eat and what they weigh.

Maybe you’re here because you’ve been struggling with food.  You feel like your portions are out of control or you feel like you’re doing everything right and still you can’t lose weight.

Or maybe you’re here because you feel bad about your body.  Getting dressed in the morning is a struggle.  You feel like the way you look (or the way you feel about the way you look) is holding you back in your career, dating, or your relationships.

Eating and body image issues are inevitably intertwined — you feel bad about your body so you eat.  You blame your eating for the way your body looks, and the cycle starts all over again.  Maybe you start a new diet and things feel “under control” again, until your boss yells at you or you can’t fit into your favorite dress or the cookies start calling to you from the kitchen.

The hard truth is that 95% of diets fail.  That’s right — diets nearly always fail.  And when they fail you feel like a failure.  And the answer everyone else gives you is to find a new diet or lifestyle plan or whatever.

But you don’t need a diet or a lifestyle plan.  The answer is not more of the same.  The answer is something totally different.

How I Can Help

Golda Poretsky, H.H.C. Body Love Coach

I’ve been just where you are.  I spent 24 years of my life on and off diets.  I hated my body, obsessed over food, and wouldn’t let myself really live until I lost more weight.  But with a lot of support (and trial and error), I finally made peace with food and my body.  (For more on my personal story, click here.)

I founded Body Love Wellness is 2008 for women like me and you.  Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of clients finally get off the dieting roller coaster, develop healthy eating patterns, feel confident and at home in their bodies, no matter what their size.  Using a unique combination of judgment-free coaching, Divine Feminine connection, and Health At Every Size principles, I support my clients in living the lives they were meant to live.  To get started with private or group coaching, I offer a free Body Love Breakthrough Session that you can schedule right here.

For a quick hit of support, I recommend getting my book, Stop Dieting Now: 25 Reasons To Stop, 25 Ways To Heal, available in softcoverKindle, and Nook. I also share lots of great eating and body image tips on my blog and podcast, as well as teleclasses and other events to support you in learning these skills.

Publications and Media Appearances
Golda’s book, Stop Dieting Now: 25 Reasons To Stop, 25 Ways to Heal, was published in paperback and Kindle editions in June 2010. She is also a contributing writer at Everyday Feminism and a featured weekly columnist at More of Me to Love. She has written articles for Jezebel.com and Daily Venus Diva, and has a popular podcast (71,000 subscribers and growing) on body acceptance and intuitive eating. Golda is also featured in Big Big Love: a Sex and Relationships Guide for People of Size (and Those Who Love Them), by Hanne Blank and the anthology Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love & Fashion, edited by Virgie Tovar. This year, she gave a popular TEDx talk on “Why It’s Okay To Be Fat.”

Golda's Been Featured In...

Golda’s Been Featured In…

Golda’s counseling programs and activism work have been featured on CBS’s The Early Show, ABC’s Nightline, NBC’s LX New York, USA Today, Psychology Today and Time Out New York, among others.

Golda is the creator and organizer of the live web events like The Body Love Revolutionaries Telesummit, The HAES® Master Class, and The Body Positive Dating Master Class.

What Some Awesome Folks Have Said about Her
“Golda is a wonderful spokesperson for Health At Every Size.” —Linda Bacon, PhD, nutrition researcher/professor and author of Health At Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight

“Golda Poretsky is a Fat National Treasure, which means she’s a hero for all of us, all sizes of us, who want to live happily, healthfully, at home in our very own bodies.” — Marilyn Wann, author of FAT!SO?—Because You Don’t Have to Apologize for Your Size!

And because she couldn’t pick and choose from the client success stories, check them out at your leisure here.

Education, Qualifications, Etc.
Golda has been an intuitive eating and body image coach for the last 5 years.  She studied nutrition and coaching at the Institute For Integrative Nutrition, graduating in 2006.  Golda is certified by The American Association Of Drugless Practitioners and is a proud member of the Association For Size Diversity And Health.  In addition to her “official” studies, she’s been studying holistic health since the late 90’s with everyone from Geneen Roth to Albert Villoldo to Mama Gena.

Before becoming a coach, Golda practiced law in New York City.  She is a graduate of New York University School Of Law (’02).  Golda attended New York University’s College Of Arts & Sciences (’99) on a full scholarship and National Merit Scholarship, where she graduated summa cum laude with a dual degree in history and Hebrew & Judaic Studies.

Golda’s Story
Golda’s struggles with weight and body image started early – she went on her first diet at age 4 when kids in nursery school started calling her fat. For the next 24 years, she tried every diet imaginable from meal replacement shakes to diet pills to Atkins to Weight Watchers and back again.

Like many people who don’t feel good about their bodies, she focused on achieving in other ways, particularly academically. Golda went to New York University on full scholarship, eventually being inducted into Phi Beta Kappa and graduating summa cum laude.

While in college, she developed fibromyalgia, and at times, could barely walk. Finding that doctors could do little to help, she began her own sideline study of holistic health, and ultimately healed herself of this debilitating illness. Still, Golda felt pressure to pick a profession and start her career, and she was not sure what to study in the holistic health field. So she opted to attend New York University Law School and began a prestigious career as an attorney.

To the outside world she had it made. She was making good money, had lots of friends, and an awesome apartment (a particular rarity among twentysomethings in New York), but she knew being a lawyer wasn’t for her. Still, Golda’s experience as a plus-sized woman in the corporate world gave her the insight to understand the challenges her current clients face in their own careers.

Stop Dieting Now by Golda Poretsky, HHC

A must read!

And in all those years Golda, like 95% of dieters, hadn’t cured her “weight problem.” So in 2005, while still working very full-time as a lawyer, she attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to learn about nutrition, holistic health, and coaching. And to “finally get thin.” She never got thin, but she did learn lots of skills that inform her coaching practice today.

It wasn’t until 2007 that Golda had an epiphany about dieting. She’d exercised for 6 hours straight at a “workout retreat,” and it was dinner time and she was really hungry. She couldn’t stick to her diet and satisfy her body’s desire for food, so, in that moment, she decided that she and dieting needed to break up. After some frantic Googling, she began her journey with Health At Every Size and body acceptance, and throughout that year she continued to develop the system which allowed her to break the diet cycle and love her body. She now uses that system (tweaked and updated) with her clients.

Because she strongly believes that one’s goal should be not just body acceptance, but radical body love, Golda founded Body Love Wellness in 2008. She now coaches other plus-sized women on how to get off the dieting roller coaster, how to give their bodies what they really crave, and how to love their bodies—and themselves.

To get in touch with Golda, click here.


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