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Stop Dieting Now 25 Reasons To Stop 25 Ways to Heal
Stop Dieting Now:
25 Reasons To Stop, 25 Ways To Heal

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to stop your dieting behaviors for good, make peace with food, and love your body, this is the book for you!

Available in softcover and Kindle.

Full CD Body Love Meditations
Body Love Meditations

You asked for it, and you got it!

Set to beautiful music, each track takes you on a journey toward better understanding and connecting with your body. Heal body image issues and connect with your body’s innate wisdom. Plus, it’s wonderfully relaxing!

Download it on Itunes, Amazon, or CDBaby.

Home Study (Pre-Recorded) Programs

The HAES® Master Class

Hear from 16 of the most influential Health At Every Size® researchers, counselors and thought-leaders on topics ranging from using HAES® to treat eating disorders, to the latest research on HAES®, to making HAES® practices stick.

Speakers include Linda Bacon, Marilyn Wann, Ragen Chastain and yours truly!

Click the link to learn more and get all of the HAES® Master Class recordings!

How To Heal From Emotional Eating In-Depth Home Study Course

Here is just a sampling of what you will get from this course!

  • Learn what to do when you find yourself eating unconsciously
  • Understand what cravings really mean and give your body the nutrition it needs
  • Learn how to connect with your body’s hunger and fullness levels
  • Master my unique process for healing from long held emotional eating patterns
  • Get Health At Every Size based counseling — scientifically proven to positively influence health indicators more than diet programs

Click the link to learn more!

Live Programs

Check back soon for our latest live program!

rewrite your body image 4 week workshop
Rewrite Your Body Image Online Workshop — Starts March 9th!

You don’t need to change your body to feel gorgeous, attractive, and thrilled to be you. You just have to heal the thoughts that are keeping you stuck.

I developed this workshop for women like you who are ready to conquer their negative body image and the world. We’ll be using an amazing combination of creative visualization and writing as tools for looking within and changing the story of your life.

Click the link to learn more and join us!

The Big Beautiful Goddess Academy

Registration for this amazing program starts again in May 2013! If you want to be the dazzling, empowered, body positive woman you were born to be, do miss this.

Get all the juicy details here.


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