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Golda’s mission is to empower plus sized women to live their best, most joyful lives, free of stress and shame over what they eat and what they weigh.
Golda On Nightline

Golda On Nightline

Using a mix of stories, statistics, and humor, she brings audiences on a journey through the large social issues and deep internal quandaries that influence our body image, relationship with food, and more.

Please contact Golda directly for speaking inquiries at golda@bodylovewellness.com.

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Check out Golda’s TEDx Talk, “Why It’s Okay To Be Fat” here:
Sample Presentations
  • Why Weight Loss Isn’t Always The Answer And What You Can Do Instead – 95% of people gain back any weight they lose on a diet. 83% gain back more than they lost. Diets are really only good for a few things — temporary weight loss, permanent weight gain, and making dieters obsessive about food and weight. In this talk, Golda will show you how to get off the diet roller coaster and create a safe, sane relationship with food.
  • Building Confidence Through Positive Body Image – Feeling comfortable in your own skin is the best way to feel confident and appear confident to others. In this talk, Golda will share proven techniques for how to feel great about yourself by changing your thoughts (not your body).
  • In Fatness And In Health: Why Assumptions About Health And Weight Are So Dangerous – In our culture, we read thinness as health, and fatness as sickness. In this talk, Golda will show how these stereotypes about health are harming thin people and fat people a like, and what we can do to change that.
  • Losing The Shame, Gaining Acceptance: Body Acceptance As A Peace Movement – Recent studies are showing that the illnesses that are sometimes correlated to obesity are really caused by stress fat folks endure from being shamed for their size. Body acceptance represents a possible way out — by accepting our bodies, we refuse to feel shame, and create a ripple effect of destigmatization. In this talk, Golda will explore how we can start to let go of our collective shame around our bodies, and begin to end the stigma faced by so many.
  • You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Diet: How The Diet Industry Keeps Women “Small” – Preoccupation with food and weight has taken a major toll on women and girls over the last century. We know that dieting lowers dieters’ self esteem, affects their bodies in negative ways, and hurts their relationships with others and themselves. In this talk, Golda will examine the roots of the diet industry, its effect on women, and how we can all free ourselves from the bonds of weight oppression.

Need something different? Golda can create workshops and signature talks that work for your organization. Just email her at golda@bodylovewellness.com to get started. She looks forward to hearing from you.

Feedback And Reviews

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“Golda is a wonderful spokesperson for Health At Every Size. Her writing is always a great combination of impassioned persuasion and practical advice and inspiration.”

–Linda Bacon, PhD, nutrition researcher/professor and author of Health At Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight

“Her style is warm and intimate, knowing and understanding. Throughout the weekend, she offered specific techniques women can use to silence their inner critic, connect with their bodies, and cultivate acceptance. Humor and laughter are obviously important tools for Golda’s work; and she used those in creating a session for women to take photos of one other, to confront body triggers and overcome negative experiences. For many, this was the highlight of the weekend, a unique opportunity to take silly or serious photographs in a safe environment.”

– Heidi L. Davis, Indianapolis, IN

“I highly recommend Golda as a speaker and workshop leader. The initial process was really smooth — we worked together to figure out what topics and workshops would work best for our retreat, and she maintained great communication with us in the months leading up to the event.

“Our members loved her work and we got only positive feedback. Golda has a warm and friendly demeanor that made everyone comfortable. She understood her audience and made sure that had presentation was appropriate for people who were very body accepting and knowledgeable about HAES and those that were just starting to learn about it. Her ability to employ a mix of speaking styles really worked for us — she gave a keynote lecture on the basics of Health At Every Size for our first night, then led workshops which including coaching, lecture, group “paired shares” and meditation/visualizations.

“I would recommend Golda for any organization looking for a wonderful workshop leader or speaker on topics related to Health At Every Size, body image, and/or intuitive eating.”

– Durette Hauser, Treasurer, Abundia.org

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