“I learned a sense of inherent safety.”
shannon round
I decided to work with Golda because I was struggling with food, weight, my size, diabetes and fear. I could no longer live in a place where I was constantly bad or wrong for who I am.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but what I found was relief, acceptance and some deep healing. Things I never would have imagined came up for me and Golda supported me in the most loving ways.

I felt supported, heard and not alone on a very deep, heart level. I gained a more loving manner towards myself and found new ways to work with my resistance like being a kindly researcher. I found ways of living in joy – I found new ways of living and it wasn’t all about weight or food or size.

The things I used to consider my bad problems are now just a part of me and they are not bad. I learned a sense of inherent safety, like I am now safe to fly my proverbial “freak flag” or let those parts of my I have kept hidden in fear and shame now they shine in freedom and I am safe with that.

Anyone who struggles with loving themselves or anyone who feels bad about themselves should consider working with Golda.

Shannon, Texas

“I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
Working with Golda has been a truly inspiring experience.

Having heard her speak at the Abundia Retreat, I decided to join the Big Beautiful Goddess Academy. Every week, it was like connecting with the most wise, caring friend.

Golda’s sensitivity is amazing, and her insights about self-care through expression of your emotions and setting your boundaries, along with her thoughts on mindful eating, and her acknowledge of the importance of pleasure and play in your life were so very valuable to me. I use her suggestions every day and feel my life is more balanced and happier because of the commitment to self-care I made during the Academy.

Golda is keenly insightful, so very bright, and completely understanding of the journey of self-acceptance I am on. I have felt so much more confident, happy, beautiful, and centered since working with her, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Since our six weeks together, I’ve made grade strides in my work on loving myself and living the best life I can – including posing semi-nude (holding a sign) for Golda’s “I Embrace Body Love” campaign. I felt like a superhero when I shared my picture with family and friends! Thank you, Golda, for helping me find my inner goddess heroine!

Megan, Chicago, IL

“I promise you, you will not regret taking this step to love yourself in the present tense.”

I chose to work with Golda because I was tired of belittling my body. I knew there was more to life than analyzing my reflection in a mirror. I was expecting just toleration of my body, instead a whole world of acceptance and present living was opened up to me.

Golda helped me see that life is a PROCESS and that my body is beautiful the way it is, not the way it could be/was. I am able to forgive myself for slip ups and constantly use positive affirmations within. Before my time with Golda, this was not even a concept, now I do it almost every day. I know how to deduce when my stomach is hungry as opposed to when my soul is starving.

If you are tired of hating your body, of looking in the mirror and wondering what if, if you want to grab at the world with all you have to offer, then please, take advantage of this program. I promise you, you will not regret taking this step to love yourself in the present tense.

Hannah, Portland, Oregon

“I couldn’t stand feeling bad about myself any more.”
nadira jamal testimonial
I decided to work with Golda because I couldn’t stand feeling bad about myself any more. I had gained 50 lbs “interest” from dieting, and my body image was really suffering. I’d come home from clothes shopping, and cry hysterically. I was afraid to perform in my new size, since I was afraid of how people would react to a fat dancer. And because I had had several injuries in just a few years, I felt like my body was broken.I wasn’t sure what to expect from working with Golda; I just knew that I needed help.

Golda was kind, funny, and a great listener, so she could always get to the heart of what was going on. She helped me stretch out of my comfort zone, but never pushed too hard.I now feel good about my body (even my thighs) most of the time. And when I don’t, I know that it’s just a temporary funk, not the truth. And I have the tools to get back on track.

I still find clothes shopping frustrating, but I don’t take it personally any more. Instead of worrying about how other people think I should look, I’ve defined my own standards for how to dress and style myself. (Which do not involve high heels.)

I’m still struggling with injuries, but I no longer feel like a “broken dancer”.

Instead of avoiding performing, I see it as a form of activism. I know that every time I step on stage, I’m giving someone else permission to do the same.

I’d recommend Golda to anyone who is ready to make peace with their body.

Nadira Jamal, Boston, MA, www.taktaba.com (image credit: Michael Baxter)

“The results I had from this course were beyond anything I could have imagined.”

I’m not the same woman that joined this club 6 months ago. The results I had from this course were way beyond anything I could have imagined.

In her group program, I found a community of people to help support me through some really tough stuff, and it allowed me to be open to anything that came my way. Being a part of a community of women who had the same issues that I had and were so supportive was amazing. It was great to realize that I wasn’t alone and had so many people that I didn’t even know supporting me and cheering me on. I gained so much confidence and found myself taking care of me much more.

I originally signed up for it because I wanted to end my struggles with food and lose weight. What I had hoped to gain from this experience was nothing compared to what I got out of this group. I came in looking to heal my relationship with food, and I got that, but that was only part of it. I realized how my body image issues were affecting my relationship with food and my life as a whole. I started the course not evening wanting to be naked in my own house–toward the end of the course I was able to be naked at a local spa and feel totally comfortable and ready for the experience.

We all have areas of our bodies that we don’t like or have trouble with specific body image issues. This course helps in a non-threatening way to start breaking down those walls so that you can really be the woman you are meant to be. I recommend her work for all women!

Autumn Cummings, Washington State

“I am deeply grateful for Golda’s work in my life.”

I decided to work with Golda because I’ve long dealt with body image issues and I have wanted and needed some support in moving forward with them. It is my deep desire to know that I am beautiful inside and out – and to carry myself with pride and respect for who I am. However, I’ve often gotten stuck feeling too big to wear the clothes I want to wear, or that I’m too fat to be beautiful, and just generally feel uncomfortable in my body.

Working with Golda has been truly amazing. Not only is she kind, compassionate, funny, and real (amazing in and of itself!), but she also is extremely creative in the process- giving me “homeplay” assignments in the time between our sessions and using her skills in ways that got me out of some stuck places I had been.

Already, I feel different. I have stood up more for my body, I have worn some clothes I wouldn’t have worn before because I thought they were too tight (mostly I wear clothes that are too big), and I feel myself on the edge of some big shifts and changes. I would recommend Body Love Wellness to anyone who wants to love their body more but has no idea how to do that. I am deeply grateful for Golda’s work in my life and I highly recommend entering this process with her.


“There really is life after disordered eating, and so far it is wonderful.”

I decided to work with Golda because after years of living with the remnants of an eating disorder, I wanted to be completely free. From a teleclass, her blog, and my Body Love Breakthrough session, I could tell Golda is warm, creative, and non-judgmental – the remedy to the failed attempts with mainstream counseling I’d tried before.

I expected to learn to eat more mindfully and to get to the root of my issues with food and exercise. By working hard with Golda’s guidance, I have done this and more. She taught me to connect with my body in a way I never have before and really tuned into the issues holding me back. No problem was too out there or difficult. The sense of self trust I’ve gained has taken the stress out of areas of my life I didn’t even realize were related to my issues with food and exercise.

There really is life after disordered eating, and so far it is wonderful. I recommend the program to anyone ready to put in the work to make a change and give up on behaviors and attitudes that are negatively impacting life.

S.B., Colorado

“I’d spent a lifetime trying to get where I am now.”

Working with Golda was a pleasure. I looked forward to our calls each month, and I think the main reason was because I knew that no matter what, Golda would be supportive, encouraging, and she’d offer me valuable insight and information. Golda even indulged my foray into yet another diet. It was almost as if she knew I’d come to my senses on my own, and I did!

Putting Golda’s suggestions to work has resulted in a new relationship with food. I now stand for my body; I eat when I am hungry, choosing healthy foods that my body asks for, and I stop when I am full. Sounds simple, but I’d spent a lifetime trying to get where I am now. Golda’s approach of support and encouragement mixed with really smart and useful information has been the key to my new relationship with food, and it feels great!!!

AA, Connecticut

“Deciding to join The Empress Club was one of the best decisions I ever made.”

After years of hating my body, being immersed in chronic dieting and dealing with emotional eating issues, I decided that I couldn’t live like that anymore.

Deciding to join The Empress Club was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was expecting to be able to relate better with my body, feel less self-conscious and break my relationship with diets, instead I got so much more! I have learned to be comfortable in my own skin, to feel real love for my body and embrace my emotions as a real part of myself, just as real as my arms or legs. Now, I walk around with confidence and embrace my own beauty, I get more compliments on daily basis, I enjoy my meals, I identify my hunger, I stop eating when I am full, and I finally stopped worrying about going on a diet again.

I’ve learned to deal with my emotional issues instead of eating on them, to be kind to my self, and above all to embrace and accept with love, the person that I was, I am, and will be. I finally feel like I am beautiful, and that I am at the right place in my life.

If you are feeling unhappy with your reflection, if you are tired of struggling with self hate, food issues or negative self body talk, Golda’s approach is just right for you. She has a really warm and heart-talking style, you´ll never feel alone on your self love journey. You’ll never regret working with Golda–it’s a life-changing experience!

Sonia Marrón Alonso. Baja California, Mexico

“Golda [gave] me the tools [to] show me my body isn’t the enemy.”

I had struggled for years with disordered eating and body image issues and really needed help moving from just functioning day-to-day to having a healthy and caring relationship with food and my body. That kind of relationship was something I really wanted and Golda was able to give me the tools and self-confidence to get there and show me my body isn’t the enemy.

I learned ways to pay attention to what my body was telling me, how to address those needs in a healthy way and how to reduce anxiety about issues and situations that happened and might happen in the future.

Golda was warm and knowledgeable and I encourage anyone who needs help – no matter where you are on your journey to health and happiness with your body – to speak with her.

Lacy, TN

“Thanks to Golda I now have a sane relationship with food.”

What I loved about working with Golda was the way she tuned right into what was going on with me. She could tell that there were areas in terms of food where I was advanced and zeroed in on the areas I needed to catch up on. Her approach is totally personal. And her style is so warm and accepting that I felt comfortable diving into my body image and eating issues. Thanks to Golda I now have a sane relationship with food. I did wind up losing weight but that was almost a side benefit to feeling like I am now able to nurture my body and cultivate health and well-being. What a gift!”

Maya Gangadharan Cameron, Michigan, Founder of Everyday Goddess TV

“I’m enriched in so many ways because of my work with Golda and I am happier and less anxious thanks to her.”
I just finished six sessions of work with Golda and I have never felt BETTER! In terms of body acceptance stuff I’m pretty “advanced”, as she said, but when it came to other areas, like holding things in and then blowing up for no reason, I did need some help to make my life better. The key is finding what works for you personally and Golda is excellent about giving you ideas to help you figure out what exactly you want from your life.

I’m enriched in so many ways because of my work with Golda and I am happier and less anxious thanks to her. If you want to start a revolution and stop hating your body or if you’ve already done that and you’re not sure where to go next, Golda can really help you. I highly recommend her!”
Theresa, New Jersey

“With just one session . . . I felt empowered and I began to feel beautiful.”

She was the first person who I have had a session with that really gets where I am coming from. She understands that being given negative messages about your physical appearance and body type can effect many facets of life such as: social, professional, educational, etc. She gets that struggle between wanting to be okay with how you look and that additional inner dialogue that tells you you’re no good. With just one session, with that validation I felt empowered and I began to feel beautiful, as I was meant to be, and as I truly am.

Ursula, New York

“Golda made things really easy and clear for me.”

Getting a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes was really scary for me. I knew I needed to change my food choices, but the more I read about what I should eat the more confusing it got. Golda made things really easy and clear for me. She helped me figure out what foods would work for me, guided me to the right supplements, and encouraged me through the whole process. After just a couple of months, my doctor confirmed that I can take a break from the medications I was previously prescribed. I feel so happy and hopeful, and I really owe it to her. She’s amazing!

Jeff, New York

“I was tired of hating on my body and my soul.”

I decided to work with Golda because I was tired of hating on my body and my soul. I think of the time we spent working together as an investment in a happy and healthy future. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is a priceless experience—and Golda can help you get there.

L.F., New York

“Not once did we talk about how I should lose weight, or go on a diet or anything even remotely close to those two things – which was truly bliss.”

I’ll admit, I was pretty skeptical of this whole thing – counseling about loving your body? What’s the catch? But as soon as I heard Golda, all of my skepticism seemed to take a backseat in my mind. We introduced ourselves, and immediately I felt at ease. I talked about my self-consciousness in bigger social situations, my relationship with food and how I’d rather it be, and just life in general. The hour session literally flew by with lots of laughter, encouragement, and me actually verbalizing how I’d like these things to change.

Our one session already had me thinking about how I feel about myself in a completely different way. I always knew that I often has some self-doubt and insecurities, but until I actually verbalized and realized when and where, it didn’t hit me. I just thought I would deal with feeling like this, end of story. I never really considered trying to CHANGE the way I feel. And the best part about Golda, is none of this about is about the two dreaded things: “weight-loss” and “diet.” It’s about YOU, not once did we talk about how I should lose weight, or go on a diet or anything even remotely close to those two things – which was truly bliss.

Sarah, www.tabayag.com


“The consult far exceeded my expectations, and made me very excited to have a healthier life.”

After getting fed up with compulsive eating, I signed up for the free consultation with Golda. She was amazing. Extremely intuitive, experienced and understanding. Felt like a cool friend asking the right questions. The consult far exceeded my expectations, and made me very excited to have a healthier life. I would recommend her to anyone willing to make a life change with regards to their body and eating habits.

Dorit,www.doritworld.com, New York, NY

“I think anybody who feels they aren’t living the best they can could benefit from a consultation with Golda.”

Moving from NYC to LA has been a huge adjustment for me. Going through pilot season as a plus sized actress really made me think about my body image. I wanted to consult with Golda to make sure I hadn’t gotten to far off track to my commitment to being happy and healthy. I think anybody who feels they aren’t living the best they can could benefit from a consultation with Golda. She has a full understanding of how mind, body and soul affect each other and she’s wonderful at helping you pinpoint what needs work to balance them out.

Shey Lyn Zanotti, Los Angeles, CA

“Her professional, yet kind and approachable manner made it easy for me to open up and work with her.”

My session with Golda certainly helped me navigate the waters of HAES. I’m relatively new to the philosophy after a lifetime of dieting and Golda’s masterful guidance eased my fears of the unknown. Her professional, yet kind and approachable manner made it easy for me to open up and work with her. Thanks so much, Golda!

Amy Finnerty, Illinois

“I really encourage you to talk to Golda!”

After reading through her blog and seeing how she approaches this topic, I knew I wanted to sign up for a Body Breakthrough Session with her. During our session, she really helped me get clarity and perspective on where I’m at and how I view my body – which is no easy feat for me; I’ve been struggling with this issue for years! If you want to get off the merry-go-round of hating yourself, trying to change, failing, giving up, and starting all over again, I really encourage you to talk to Golda!

Tori, Virginia Beach

“If you want to get off the roller coaster of yo-yo dieting and get healthy, Golda can help.”
Golda is a godsend and I really mean it. I knew that diets never worked for me and was desperate to find healing from my up and down weight nightmare. Golda showed me that I was doing everything backwards.

She helped me learn to love myself just the way I was. By loving myself I was able to become tuned into the needs of my body and began to nourish and move it in a healthful way.

If you want to get off the roller coaster of yo-yo dieting and get healthy, Golda can help. THANK YOU GOLDA!
Sue C., Phoenix, AZ

“[I] see the strengths I’ve always had that I always thought were weaknesses.”
With Golda’s help, I realized that the things I want for my life are entirely within my reach, as opposed to the pipe dreams I thought they were.

Here tremendously powerful work helped me see all the strengths I’ve always had that I always thought were weaknesses.

Since working with Golda, my entire view of who I am, what my life is, and how I live in the world has changed for the better.

Catherine, New York, NY

“I knew that I would feel supported and lovingly challenged by her. And that is exactly what has happened.”

I decided to work with Golda as a business coach because I watched her business grow significantly over the past year. I really looked up to her as a solopreneur, and wanted to emulate her strategies and ideas.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from our business coaching, but I knew that I would feel supported and lovingly challenged by her. And that is exactly what has happened.

So far, she’s helped me identify my ideal clients, create a free gift for new subscribers, write a new bio, select a contact management system, and edit tons of website content in preparation for my new site. We’ve even started the very early stages of a group decorating program.

I love that Golda acknowledges and celebrates everything I do, even if it seems like a minor accomplishment to me. She’s very positive, and is an excellent listener. Golda understands the mental and emotional challenges of being a business owner, so she’s wonderful about letting me vent…. and then helping me move on.

After we finish our calls, I always feel uplifted. Golda has been great about following up with me after our sessions, and checking in with me between them.

You should work with Golda because she has been in your shoes and she understands what you’re going through. She’s never critical, and you can be totally honest with her about everything, even if you think it’s insignificant.

I know in her heart that she truly wants the best for me, and it feels awesome to have her in my corner.

Lisa Harper, Owner of Refreshing Rooms (www.refreshingrooms.com), Orlando, FL

“I never felt like she was leading me in circles, unlike other coaches.”

I decided to work with Golda because I had a strong sense that she really understood marketing and wouldn’t be leading me down any rabbit holes, but instead had a plan and a proven strategy. Plus, I felt a natural and immediate connection with her on the phone.

Golda consistently provided good direction and guidance, helped keep me on track when I wanted to go off in multiple directions, supported the ideas she thought were tenable, and was brave enough to be honest when she didn’t think something would fly. I have really appreciated her thoughtful and sound ideas, whether in our live calls or through email as well as her timely responses. I never felt like she was leading me in circles, unlike other coaches. She was a great help with the technical things like copywriting and marketing, and gave me good emotional support when I needed it.

I recommend Golda for anyone who wants to grow her business and need some help in doing that.

Lisa Rose (www.deeperlovebettersex.com), San Rafael, CA

Want to experience huge transformations like this? Click below to sign up for your free Body Love Breakthrough Session with me.

“I’ve had a much less stressful time deciding what to eat or how to make decisions that are self loving.”
Last week I had the pleasure of attending Golda’s workshop. It was a beautiful and intimate group of women talking about our histories with food, dieting and self care. After the workshop I felt like I’ve had a much less stressful time deciding what to eat or how to make decisions that are self loving. I’m excited to see how I feel after the next workshop!

Deb Malkin, Former Owner of Re/Dress NYC, Brooklyn, NY

“Supportive, capable and inspiring”

Golda is very supportive, and a capable and inspiring guide in navigating this sometimes rough territory.

Dana, New York, NY

“Thanks for the empowering information!”
laurie buchholz roundI’m one of the lucky women who signed up for your webinar about dating a few weeks ago.

Yesterday I listened to your talk about online profiles, and today I posted a profile on OKCupid according to your guidelines. Within 15 minutes, I had a guy ask me out! (And I am a BIG lady, size 30-32, who is 44 years old.) Just wanted to say thanks for the empowering information!

Laurie Buchholz, Austin, TX

“Later that night I worked some of my new mojo and might have attracted someone sort of new in my life . . .”

I signed up for the workshop because I had been reading your blog and wanted to meet you in person for one thing and the topic was interesting to me. I’ve been having issues in the love/dating department and needed some kind of community (outside of my circle of friends) to talk about these issues. I did feel a little more relaxed about things after I left the workshop and even later that night I worked some of my new mojo and might have attracted someone sort of new in my life (though that deal is still not closed yet!).

I think anyone who is trying to understand Health At Every Size or working with intuitive eating and fat acceptance should come to the workshops. The internet is great for connecting with other people and learning about this stuff but connecting in real life is very important also.

Amy, NYC

“Impassioned persuasion and practical advice”

“Golda is a wonderful spokesperson for Health At Every Size. Her writing is always a great combination of impassioned persuasion and practical advice and inspiration.”

Linda Bacon, PhD, nutrition researcher/professor and author of Health At Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight

“She’s a hero for all of us”

“Golda Poretsky is a Fat National Treasure, which means she’s a hero for all of us, all sizes of us, who want to live happily, healthfully, at home in our very own bodies. When you think about it, where else are you going to live??? Golda’s writing offers great insights into genuinely enjoying happy embodiment as your birthright.”

Marilyn Wann, author of Fat!So?-Because You Don’t Have To Apologize For Your Size!

“If we all took her advice … we’d be happier, healthier, and have lot more fun in our lives!”

“I love Golda Poretsky’s Body Love Wellness Blog, one of the best out there teaching people to accept themselves and be happier and healthier at any size. If we all took her advice, we’d stop measuring our worth in pounds and inches, and make peace with the bodies we actually have, not a fictitious body that our fatphobic society wants to convince us we should want. We’d be happier, healthier, and have lot more fun in our lives!”

Bill Fabrey, NAAFA founder, 1969, Council on Size & Weight Discrimination, Membership Chair, Association for Size Diversity and Health

“Effective, honed and nothing short of awe-inspiring”

“Golda Poretsky is one of the most creative, intuitive, and sensitive counselors there is. Her ability to connect with people and communicate to them the skills they need to learn to start loving themselves—mind, body and all—is effective, honed and nothing short of awe-inspiring. I’ve personally been changed by Golda’s presence in my life, as have the myriad people who read Golda’s expert advice at More of Me to Love every single day.”

Jay Solomon, creator of More of Me to Love

“Smart, sassy and inspirational”

“Body Love Wellness injects a much needed antidote of healthy self-esteem and body image into an ever increasingly disordered culture. Blogger Golda Poretsky combines both her professional expertise and lived experiences to show readers that one’s self worth can’t be measured by the numbers on a scale. Smart, sassy and inspirational, Body Love Wellness helps readers to change the world, not their bodies.”

Rachel Richardson, The F-Word Blog

“Last night was the first night I was able to eat without anxiety.”

“One more thing that super resonated with me in your book, was the part where you wrote about the fight / flight system and how when we eat something that we perceive as bad for us, how it can stress out our digestion system while we are eating it.

You know, last night was the first night I was able to eat without anxiety. I usually get a low level anxiety attack when I sit down to eat dinner. I would think, oh, this isn’t really good food for me (steak) while eating it and then my body would start to feel super anxious and then of course, panic sets in and I have to get up and then calm down and then come back to finish dinner, the whole time in a state of anxiety.

You put into clear words something I was never able to put my finger on. You nailed it. I was anxious about food. Jeez. What a revelation. ”

Dawn, CA

“After a few clicks on your blog I started to see things differently.”

jessica cobb round“I only really found your blog a couple of weeks ago, but I can’t stop reading it.

I didn’t think it was okay to love my body. I was constantly comparing myself to others. I was so frustrated because I had been dieting and eating really well and training for a 5K, but after staying away from the scale for a MONTH and doing all those wonderful things, I had actually PUT ON weight. I didn’t know what to do, and I was actually considering going back to my old tricks to lose weight – which, of course, meant starving myself.

But after a few clicks on your blog I started to see things differently. I greedily soaked up every word from the articles in your Body Love 101 section, and quickly moved on to Stop Dieting 101. I vowed to never diet again, I signed the HAES pledge, and I am actually starting to love my body…ESPECIALLY the flaws – they’re what make me unique and interesting!

I’m even giving intuitive eating a try – even though giving myself permission to eat the things I wanted when I wanted, and feeling both full and satisfied at the same time was completely foreign to me. As a recovering bulimic, I was used to “full” meaning: horrifically bloated and feeling like I’m going to die; and “satisfied” meaning: the feeling I get after I’ve gotten rid of all the food and that awful “full” feeling. Feeling both together has been pretty trippy for me.

And the most exciting thing that’s happened recently: I recently asked my friend’s photographer mother to help me do a photoshoot and put together a portfolio for plus-size modeling. I could never have had the guts to go for it if it weren’t for you, Golda. Thank you so much.

Jessica Cobb, AL

“You have begun a revolution in me.”

Kate Testimonial For Body Love Wellness“I want to let you know that you have begun a revolution in me. I’ve always been fat. I’m the fat girl from a thin family. I don’t know other fat people. I sometimes forget that they are out there.

I had my first child about 16 months ago, which (while thrilling and amazing for lots of reasons) sent me spiraling into a deep dark scary pit of body loathing and sometimes self hatred. To save myself I began to search out someone to tell me that I was worth a damn. Then I found your blog. What a concept! Love your body, not matter what. It’s OK.

No one, once in my whole life has ever told me that it’s OK to like my fat body. Reading your blog has been akin to someone switching the lights on in my head. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don’t think I could ever tell you how much your words have helped me.”

Kate Pratt, Knoxville, TN

“You are doing such a great thing with your blog.”
“I’m not exactly your ideal demographic (underweight male). I stumbled on your blog and just started reading all these great posts about positive body images and such. I really like that even though your focus is on women, you write in a way that a lot of different people can relate to, such as myself. I believe you are doing such a great thing with your blog. Not a lot of people out there have the courage to speak such truth as you do and for that I just wanted to thank you!”

Kyle, St. Louis

“I have incorporated much of the thoughts and practices in this book into my daily life with success.”

“I was pleased with this book. I have read several on the subject, this one struck home with me. I didn’t necessarily agree with everything in the book but I didn’t have to. There was enough to keep me interested, enough that resonated quite strongly with me.

“I have incorporated much of the thoughts and practices in this book into my daily life with success. Diets definitely no longer worked for me and I needed to stop torturing myself for preceiving myself as a failure. This book finally convinced me that not only am I not a failure but I’m a pretty wonderful person. I am able to let food just be food now. Is my life perfect now? Have I lost 100 pounds of weight? Absolutely not. But I am able to live life without making food an issue around everything that is happening and slowly but surely, I am starting to see some weight-loss results. And I’m not panicked and obsessed about it, I can just let it be.”

The Niblet (Amazon review)

“Made of pure awesome”

“If you haven’t been following Golda Poretsky’s podcasts/blog, webinars, and on Twitter…girl, you’re missing out! Golda is a certified holistic health counselor who is made of pure awesome. This book is a practical guide/workbook to health at any size, loving your body as it is, and healing from the damaging unhealthy thought processes that keep us from being healthy and happy. The information on reasons to stop is thoughtfully laid out and well researched. The ways to heal are practical and simple, but definitely not easy and very thought-provoking. Buy the book.”

Heather Stoll (Amazon review)

“It really helps you learn to love yourself”

“I read this book one day when I needed a little pick me up. And it did just that. This book may sound like a lot of bogus, but it really helps you learn to love yourself.”

Sydney T. Brown (Amazon review)

“I highly encourage anyone who is going through diet struggles to buy the book and stop blaming yourself. “

“I had an opportunity to read this awesome book. It is short, but it really gets to the point in an easy to read style. Golda gets to the heart of what dieting is really about. It goes so far beyond the calorie counting and magic diet systems. I have always felt like weight and dieting (or really the failure at dieting) in my own life has had very little to do with the food and lack of self control. For me, what is at the root of all of my body woe, is my relationship to food, how I judge myself and my body and even the food (good or bad). If I don’t get that sorted, all the diets in the world won’t make any sort of difference. I want to be happy with my body and my self regardless of my size. Stop Dieting Now! really puts that whole messed up cycle into perspective and gives you practical tips for how to get out of that mess. I highly encourage anyone who is going through diet struggles to buy the book and stop blaming yourself.

Cija Black (Amazon review)

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