If you’ve reached this page, you’re probably sick of dieting.

You’re probably sick of the restrictions, the rules, the constant stress about what to eat and when.

But in our culture, diets and weight loss are sold as an answer to everything. Want to date more? Go on a diet. Tendency to binge? Go on a diet. Family history of diabetes? Go on a diet.

But here are a few facts about dieting that will blow your mind:

  • In 95% of cases, people who lose weight gain all of the weight back in 3-5 years (and 83% gain back more weight than they lost.
  • Americans spent 60.9 billion dollars on diets and diet products last year. (That’s over $200 for each and every person living here.)
  • Weight loss is not a cure for any disease.

All of this may be hard to hear, and even harder to take in. I totally get that. But now that you know the truth, you can start to unravel some of the emotional and physical damage that dieting has caused you.

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Why Stopping Dieting Is The Healthiest Thing You Can Do For Your Body & Mind

If diets don’t work and weight loss is illusory 95% of the time, what do you do?

This is where I can help.

What you’re in need of is a big fat paradigm shift.

There is a wonderful, healing alternative to dieting, and it’s called Health At Every Size. In studies comparing it to typical weight loss methods, participants who used Health At Every Size principles had better overall health (better blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride numbers), less stress, and a more positive body image than dieters.

So I want to share with you something that I do in my practice every day — how you can apply Health At Every Size principles to your life so that you can be healthier, less stressed out, and feel great in your body.

Getting Started: How To Heal Your Relationship With Food & Your Body By Letting Go Of Dieting For Good!

Here are 7 of my favorite resources for learning to let go of dieting forever!

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