This Week In Fat

Dudes, I need to get real with you.  Between The Body Love Revolutionaries Telesummit and working with clients and living my big fat life, I’m kind of tuckered out!  So this week, I just want to toss you some links to some really good articles that you’re totally going to want to read!

Lead Bottom Disney

Disney's "Lead Bottom" character

Don’t Buy Disney — Disney took the baton from Children’s Hospital of Atlanta and created a”Habit Heroes” exhibit that takes fat shaming of children to new levels.  In it, the heroes fight The Glutton, The Leadbottom, and The Snacker, who are all depicted as fat, once again conflating not so healthy habits with fat.  Although, it’s now been reported that due to public pressure, the exhibit is no more!

Qnexa Is Qrap— Hey!  There’s a new diet drug!  It’s really an old diet drug (phentermine! speeddddd!) and drug that used for seizures that causes cognitive and mental issues (Topamax) and the evidence is shaky that it actually causes any sort of permanent weight loss (because it probably doesn’t).  Now that’s exciting!

Ursula The Sea Witch From Disney's The Little Mermaid

Ursula The Sea Witch From Disney's The Little Mermaid

Even Pre-Schoolers Have Ingrained Fat Hatred— Even kids who are only 32 months old are likely to perceive a fat character as “mean” and a thin one as “nice.”  I know I can’t blame Disney for everything, but their animations haven’t exactly helped over the years.

Shameless Plug: Campos & Farrell Tomorrow! — The Body Love Revolutionaries Telesummit ends this Tuesday with the awesome and fabulous Paul Campos (author of The Diet Myth) and Amy Erdman Farrell (author of Fat Shame)!  Be there live or get an All Access Pass and get mp3’s of all of the calls!

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