I’m Still Pissed Off At Perez Hilton

Yesterday, Perez Hilton, gossip blogger and noted misogynist, copied the bulk of my post of the second part of my interview series with Kai Hibbard of the Biggest Loser verbatim, stuck it in his blog, and neither credited me nor linked back to me. In other words, he posted the story as if he had written it.

After numerous tweets, an email to him, and a call and email to his lawyer, he eventually took the post down from his main site while leaving it up on his mobile site. He still has not apologized, nor issued a retraction, nor credited me for my work.  He’s now received credit all over the internet for “breaking this story.”

I wasn’t going to post this post, but I’m still really angry, so I’m getting out a bit of aggression here. And you know what, I do feel better!

By the way, thanks to everyone for their supportive tweets to Perez.

Update:  Received nasti-gram from Perez’s lawyer.  Looking into legal options.

30 thoughts on “I’m Still Pissed Off At Perez Hilton

  1. Perez is such a tool. You are awesome, Golda. What can we do, as your supporters, to help Google know that YOU are the one who broke the story if it is Googled? Are there certain keywords that you want associated with our links/comments?

  2. Did you get a screen shot of the article? If not maybe there’s an archive of his site available somewhere.

  3. @Kai, you rocked it today! Thank you for speaking your truth and being so mega awesome! I loved seeing you CBS this morning. “Brave, beautiful and amazing” does not begin to describe you either!

  4. Right on with telling Perez like it is!!! You are brave, beautiful and amazing. Thank you for being a beacon of light on the internet and allowing me to speak my truth.

  5. I don’t blame you for being pissed off. I would be too. It is ridiculous and I am glad you are taking a stand. I wonder how many other people he has plagiarized????

    1. @bodylovewellnes love you and the message you are sending! perez is a tool. keep at the good work and u will get the cred u deserve :)

    1. @bodylovewellnes you have every right to post your frustration… plagiarism, is plagiarism! #teambodylovewellness!

    2. @bodylovewellnes he deserved it. I kinda already hate perez Hilton but now I hate him worse. I hope you get the credit you deserve

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