Health At Every Size

What Is Health At Every Size®?

HAES Health At Every Size LogoHealth At Every Size® covers a wide range of principles. In a nutshell, Health At Every Size® means that a person’s weight is not his or her only indicator of health.  It means that intentional weight reduction does not equal health and often causes more problems than it seeks to fix.  It means that every person, regardless of their size, can have optimal health by healing his or her relationship with food, learning to connect with his or her body, finding pleasurable body movement, and loving that body just as it is.

As a holistic health counselor specializing in Health At Every Size®, I see my clients just as they are, and never make assumptions about their health based on their size.  I look to heal what they want to heal, and show them simple methods of healing their relationship with food and their bodies.

To see how Health At Every Size® stacks up against dieting, check out this post.

For more information about Health At Every Size® or our programs, schedule a free Body Love Breakthrough Session with me here or contact me today via email by clicking here or call (347) 559-4259.


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