Support Body Love Wellness Just By Shopping At Amazon!

by Golda Poretsky, H.H.C. on December 4, 2012

shop at amazon and support body love wellnessHi there!

Did you know that you can support Body Love Wellness just by shopping at Amazon.com?

When you shop by clicking an Amazon link on our site, we receive 4-6% of the purchase price of your order, at no cost to you!

We can then use that cash to buy better podcasting and video equipment, programs that make our site sing, and so much more.

Here’s how!

Just CLICK THIS LINK (http://tinyurl.com/BLWAmazon). Then shop all you want. That’s it!

Easy peasy!  And again, there is no additional cost to you to do this, but you get to support Body Love Wellness with your purchases.

Thanks for checking this out.  Happy shopping and thanks in advance!


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