Spring Skin Care & Super Swag!

by Golda Poretsky, HHC

So, I was approached by Eucerin to write a few posts about Spring/Summer skin and provide some swag to a few lucky readers (and, full disclosure, myself) and I thought it might be fun to give it a go!

I pretty much don’t get that wintry dry skin that most people get, because I think I may have internal oil reserves that rival Alaska.  But I know that for many of you, dry skin is an issue for most of the year.  So let’s talk about some things that you can do from a nutrition/supplement perspective to support your skin this Spring.

1) Support Your Liver — In traditional Chinese Medicine, your liver kicks into high gear in Spring.  That’s because your body is in the process of cleansing some of the old of Winter to make way for the new of Spring.  A great way to support your liver in this process is to use milk thistle, a really gentle herb that supports the liver in doing all the myriad functions that it has.  Milk thistle is also great for your skin because the more support your liver gets, the less hard your skin has to work to get rid of the gunk.

2) Add In Greens & Berries — Because I work from an  intuitive eating/Health At Every Size perspective, I don’t like to tell anyone what to eat.  That’s just not my bag.  But I think it’s great to talk about health-supportive foods that we can consider when we’re asking our bodies what they really crave.  And so, I think it’s great to consider adding in greens and/or berries.  Greens are great for a gazillion reasons — they contain fiber which supports your liver and other organs in flushing out toxins, they de-acidify the blood, and they contain needed vitamins.  Consider adding in lovely greens like kale, swiss chard, arugula and spinach to your meals, particularly if you like them!  Also, berries are starting to ripen as we get into Spring.  These contain fabulous phyto-chemicals, antioxidant vitamins, bioflavinoids and other nutrients that are great for supporting your body in feeling its best, which is also great for skin.  Plus, they taste awesome, so they’re a really easy thing to add into what you’re eating already.

3) Drink Warm Water — As the weather gets warmer, we often seek out colder drinks. But drinking warm or hot water, just by itself, can be more hydrating to the body and support your lymph in moving more easily.  Hydration and proper lymph movement are important for helping your body to feel good and your skin to look great.  Experiment with drinking hot water with nothing in it and you might actually like it (like I do).

4) Move Joyously — Exercise for exercise’s sake is okay, but I like to move for fun.  Moving your body with joy and pleasure gets your circulation flowing, let’s you sweat (which your skin just loves), and gets you in touch with the energy of this time of year, which is all about new beginnings and moving forward!

5) Enjoy The Weather —  We look forward to the warmer weather for so long that it’s important to really enjoy when it comes!  Make it a point to move some of your activities outside, from taking walks to picnics in the park, etc.  And if you’re looking for protection from sunburn and protecting your skin for the long haul, Eucerin has some very cool products, like Eucerin Everyday Protection SPF 15 Body and SPF 30 Face Lotion, which are great moisturizers that also provide broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

Interested In A Bit Of Swag? Just do this:

  • Go to the Eucerin Facebook Page to take the pledge, join the movement and share tips on how Everyday Protection SPF 15 & 30; Body and Face Lotion can help you as the weather changes.
  • Leave a comment below (with a valid email address) and a winner will be picked at random from the commenters on April 29th.  The winner will receive a Prize Pack with Eucerin Everyday Protection SPF 15 Body Lotion and SPF 30 Face Lotion!

Happy swagging!

Full Disclosure: I’m receiving Eucerin products (for my readers and me). The thoughts and opinions, however, that I share in this post are strictly my own and are not influenced by receipt of these products.


And The Winner Is . . .

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  1. I feel the winter skin. It needs a sloughing, exfoliating, renewing for spring. Would love the Eurerin package.

  2. Warm Water? Wow, that’s a new one. I love Eucerin, can’t live without their sensitive skin moisturizer (with SPF30!). I do get wintery dry skin, but I also have oily spots, too. It’s always an adventure where my skin is concerned. Ha!
    I love this post, Golda! Good one!

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